EMERGENCY: Puerto Rico Relief

On September 18, Puerto Rico received a direct hit from hurricane Maria, a Category 4 with winds over 150 miles/ hr. With the exception of a few people and businesses with generators, the island has no electricity; and experts say it may take months to restore power. Thousands of houses have been destroyed, leaving people with hardly anything. Global Commission Partners is already in contact with key churches throughout Puerto Rico that will purchase and distribute these goods specifically to the neediest people in the most difficult areas. In addition to this help, they will also counsel and share the love of Christ with them. Please consider sending a gift to Global Commission Partners to help our people in Puerto Rico.

Suggested Amount: Any amount is appreciated.

Where Most Needed

GCP helps take the Gospel to the remaining unreached people groups through missionary and child sponsorship, provision of evangelistic tools, and other missionary projects. By giving to "where most needed", GCP has the opportunity to designate funds for the most urgent needs around the world. 

Suggested Amount: Any amount is appreciated.

Support A Missionary

You can take the Gospel of Jesus Christ into the unreached nations of the world by helping support a local missionary. Global Commission Partners will send you a complete profile of your missionary, which will include a photo and biographical information. In addition, a report regarding their progress will be sent every six months. Total support varies depending on several factors: family size; type of ministry; region of the world; etc.

Suggested Amount: $50.00


Support A Child

Millions of children in poor countries of Asia and Africa have been forced into hard labor. Many others have been orphaned or abandoned by their parents. GCP has been constructing orphanages to take care of hundreds of these children. With a small gift of $25/month you can provide a child with 3 daily meals, medical care, clothing, education, and the privilege of hearing the Gospel.  

Suggested Amount: $25.00


Syria and Iraq Christian Humanitarian Relief

The Syrian and Iraqi refugee crisis has been the worst humanitarian disaster of our generation. Currently, GCP supports several ministries that are working among refugee camps in Jordan and Iraq. With the help of GCP, these ministries provide essential items like food packages, water, and clothes. In addition, they also share the Good News of Jesus, giving hope to many of these suffering people. 

Suggested Amount: Any amount is appreciated.

Medical Clinics – Calcutta

In many Indian villages, there is a lack of medical assistance. Sometimes hospitals are too far away and people don’t have the means to travel long distances. Moreover, only 0.7% of West Bengal’s 95 million people are Christians, making it one of the least reached areas in the world. With these things in mind, missionaries in the state of West Bengal are establishing medical clinics to serve as an outreach strategy. In several of the new churches, 90% of the new believers have come to the Lord as a result of these clinics.

Suggested Amount: $350.00

Bio-Sand Filter

Arsenic is a deadly heavy metal found in water from wells all over East India, especially in the state of West Bengal. In collaboration with a native ministry in Calcutta, GCP is building, transporting, and installing Bio-sand filters that extract 99% of all arsenic and bacteria from the water. These filters area a great outreach tool for missionaries sharing the Gospel and planting churches among poor unreached Muslim and Hindu villagers.

Suggested Amount: $85.00

Baby Milk & Diapers

For thousands of refugee mothers, baby milk and diapers are one of the most important items they are in need of. This is especially true, not only among the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi refugees, but also among the Syrian refugees living in camps in Jordan. Please consider helping these mothers care for their vulnerable children.

Suggested Amount: $20.00


GCP considers the Bible as the most important gift any person can receive. There have been countless testimonies of nonbelievers who have come to the feet of the Lord because a missionary gave them access to the Word of God. In addition, missionaries give bibles to new believers that are hungry to learn more about Jesus. 

Suggested Amount: $6.00


Generally speaking, native missionaries can plant a small church of 20-50 people in a year by visiting a village once or twice a week by foot. But if you provide a missionary with a good, quality bicycle, that same missionary can reach one or even two more villages during the week, resulting  in two or more churches being planted during that year. 

Suggested Amount: $125.00

Cell Phones

These devices are key for missionaries to communicate with each other and with their leaders. Missionaries can also take photos, send reports, and get in contact with their families when away from home. Even in some of the poorest regions of the world, you may find cell phones operating. They've become one of the most important communication tools on the mission fields.

Suggested Amount: $25.00

Water Wells

Water wells can provide safe drinking water to an entire village. This is especially useful in areas that are resistant to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. GCP also drills wells for Christians in villages where they are not allowed to drink from the public wells just because they are Christians. GCP has several ministries throughout Africa, India, Myanmar, and more that need wells; if you would like to learn more, don't hesitate to contact us. 

Suggested Amount: $2,000.00

Electric Heater

Heaters are an urgent need for almost all refugee families. Many of them are living in schools or inside some church building where there is no proper heating during cold nights. Many other refugees are temporarily staying with families who have opened their homes to these displaced people. However, many of these families also lack extra heaters for the added people in their houses. Missionaries want to provide this important tool to those who need it most. Please consider donating towards this need.

Suggested Amount: $30.00

Flash Drives

In Iran, practically everyone uses flash-drives. Most Iranian cars have ports in which a USB can be plugged in, so Iranians use them to listen to music while on the road. GCP is helping a native ministry that is using flash-drives to reach Iranians. This ministry fills an 8 GB flash drive with 4 GB's worth of evangelistic material (an audio New Testament, the Jesus Film, worship songs, etc.) and leaves the other 4 GB open as a gift to the person receiving it. GCP wants to help this ministry mass produce these flash drives and distribute them inside Iran where thousands are eager to learn of our Lord Jesus.

Suggested Amount: $8.00

Floor Mats (Dheris)

Dheris (floor mats) enable the missionaries to provide a sitting area whether they are outside under a tree, or in a building, thus reducing any costs for chairs. Each dheri can accommodate around 4-8 people.

Suggested Amount: $15.00

Food Packages

Today, there are over 2 million Internal Displaced People (IDPs) in Iraq and hundreds of thousands Syrian refugees in Jordanian camps. Native missionaries are bringing these food packages to the most desperate refugees as a way to show the love of Jesus in their lives. One package will feed a family of four for 30 days. The packages include some of the essentials like cooking oil, salt, rice, noodles and canned products.

Suggested Amount: $55.00

Gas Lanterns

Not only do gas lanterns help missionaries while walking through villages, they are also used as a great light source for night time gospel meetings. Many times, villagers will gather around the lantern and listen to the missionary preach the Word of God.

Suggested Amount: $25.00

LCD Projectors

Projectors are a very important tool for pioneer missionary outreach in villages. A missionary can quickly gather many of the villagers and show them the Jesus Film and other Gospel material. People in villages are very touched to be able to see a visual depiction of Christ's life.

Suggested Amount: $500.00


Most refugees left everything behind during the ISIS occupation of their cities and villages. Today many of them are sleeping on the bare floor. Missionaries want to help them with lightweight mattresses that can easily be carried when moving to a better place. Please consider helping these refugees with this simple need.

Suggested Amount: $50.00

Mosquito Net

People in third world countries suffer all kinds of diseases due to mosquito bites. Every year, especially during the rainy season, both children and adults are vulnerable to sicknesses such as dengue fever or malaria, which in some cases can be fatal. A mosquito net is a simple, inexpensive but indispensable item that saves lives in these countries. We want to provide them to missionaries and children orphanages.

Suggested Amount: $20.00


Motorcycles are one of the most important tools in the mission fields. They enable leaders and missionaries to reach places that vehicles and bicycles can not, while keeping fuel and maintenance costs at a minimum. You can donate any amount towards this need. Thank you for your contribution.

Suggested Amount: $1,200.00

Musical Instruments

Musical instruments are important tools for the local churches, but also for missionaries performing outreach in villages as they play Christian songs and minister the Word of God.

Suggested Amount: $25.00

Myanmar (Burma) – Church Planting Project

Through GCP, a native ministry in Myanmar is planting home churches among the remaining Unreached People Groups. The goal of the ministry was to plant 250 home churches by 2015, which was achieved. Currently, the goal is to plant 500 more by 2020. A gift of $50 per month will help support a missionary and $150 more will provide a rented house for him, where he can establish a home church.

Suggested Amount: $200

Northern Nigeria: Trauma Sessions

GCP considers Northern Nigeria as the most violent place for Christians in the world. Attacks by Muslim radicals targeting Christians occur on a regular basis. Thousands of believers have been murdered for their faith in Jesus Christ and more have been left as widows, widowers, or orphans. GCP is helping a ministry that provides trauma sessions for the victims of these attacks. In these sessions, victims receive spiritual and emotional healing through the ministering of the Word of God. This project will help cover the costs of these sessions.

Suggested Amount: Any amount is appreciated.

Pillows & Blankets

The occupation of northern and central Iraq by ISIS terrorists produced over two million Internally Displaced People (IDP's). Thousands of adult and children victims of ISIS are living in tents with hardly anything to cover themselves with from the cold climate. GCP is working with two native ministries in this region to quickly deliver these items.

Suggested Amount: $50.00

Sewing Machines

Many native ministries conduct vocational training, especially for widows or single Christian mothers. Sewing machines provide a source of income, giving them the ability to help their children as well as the local church. This enables the Gospel to continue moving forward.

Suggested Amount: $110.00

Shoes for Children

Thousands of families have fled their towns and cities and have traveled many miles by foot across the desert to find a safe place away from ISIS. Children in particular run out of shoes rapidly since they outgrow them or break them quicker. Missionaries are providing these little ones with a good pair of shoes as a way to make their lives a little easier and help them avoid getting their feet hurt.

Suggested Amount: $15.00